Polypropylene Yarn (DTY)


Polypropylene Multifilament Crimp yarns in different shades and deniers, the range being Deniers from 35D to 300D. It is use to Socks, Tights, Panty hoses, car upholstery, Furniture upholstery, Soccer/sports socks, Ribbons, Nets, Dyeing Hoses, Filteration Fabric, Laces, Swim wear, Sports wear, Under garments, Seamless. All knitting applications, All weaving application (warp & weft) etc.

Advantages : Colour Fastness, Softer Feel, Odor Free, Soil & Stain Resistance, Non Allergic & Antibacterial, Quick Drying, Low Specific Gravity, Abrasion Resistant

Application : Socks, home furnishing, knitted fabrics, Sports wear, elastic tapes, Laces, Ribbons, Filter Fabric, Luggage Fabric, Car Upholstery, etc

Colours : 35+ in ready stock.  Colours can be made as per customers requirement